Why baby-wearing?

Health and psychological benefits for both parents and child

  • Us, as a species, we are physically meant to be carried. When you pick up any newborn baby, their legs are ready to ‘grab’ you. Also, any adult, when they pick up a child, they instinctively place him/her on their hip where a snug fit is achieved;
  • Baby cries 50% less when being carried;
  • Babies in slings tend to breastfeed easier because mothers are more in tune with baby’s cue;
  • Babies that are carried develop a better sense of balance quicker;
  • Studies have shown that the tummy to tummy vibration helps babies to have a better digestion;
  • Babies in slings learn quicker and more. Firstly, they cry less. When they are not crying, they are learning. Secondly, they are on the same eye level and seeing the same view as their parents, absorbing everything that surrounds them.
  • As a result, babies in slings have better social skills sooner. Simply by even hearing ‘good morning´, ‘thank you’ etc. every day, many times a day.
  • Baby-wearing helps with bonding between babies and their carers. It helps with father and child bonding, as well as grandparents and grandchild bonding;
  • Babies in slings are also more sociable as they are participating in their parents’ lives more actively than children who spend more time in prams;
  • Last but not least, baby-wearing is fashionable! We all know how difficult it is in the early days to look half way decent to get out in public. Being able to look great will boost our moral in the midst of sleep deprivation.

 Logistical benefits

  • You can get things done around the house: you have your arms back;
  • Babies love the vibration when you are moving around. The motion soothes them and they go to sleep;
  • It is much easier to handle public transportation. No need to worry about space for the pram;
  • No need to worry about walking up and down the stairs;
  • Much easier to use public restroom without having to worry about the space for the pram;
  • You can hold the hands of your older children;
  • You can chat with your friends while walking together. Not a lot of roads have space for two prams side by side;
  • It is easier to shelter your baby. We all run into some well meaning people who may be too eager to touch our baby. They are less likely to do that with a baby in a sling.