About Us


It started many years ago...when Alice Chau arrived to Paris from Hong Kong. 

After graduated from the University of Hong Kong majoring in European Studies, Alice travelled 9622.08 km with her cat Larmlarm to Paris to really learn to speak French. (We all know three years of classroom study is never a replacement for the real thing...) On the second day on her arrival, she started her fille au pair duty and went to Parc Monceau with the child she was minding. There she was, sitting on the bench, Helen Karolin. Alice was overjoyed to find out Helen speaks perfect English. 

'So...where do you come from?' asked Alice.


'um...I am sorry, where is that?'

And their friendship began. 

Over the past 13 years, they have both moved to different countries numerous time but they always managed to keep in touch on weekly if not daily basis. 

They went through different phrase of life together. Celebrating new jobs, new relationship; comforting each other through unemployment, break ups. Then 4 years ago when Alice was pregnant, naturally Helen became the godmother, or what we call in Chinese - the Deputy Mother.

Fast forward 3 years later, Alice's passion with babywearing take her on the new journey of starting a sling company. Naturally, she knew she needs to work with Helen and she knew Estonia with its serious work ethic and craftsmanship, is a good place to do that.

From strangers in the park to business partners and best friends, that's the LOVA story.


Helen and Alice LOVA Sling  


LOVA Sling designs and produces woven wraps, ring slings and Mei Tais that are both contemporary and fashionable, but timeless at the same time. All our products have been made in Estonia from the finest of materials and handcrafted with love by our local tailors. We believe that baby-wearing is not only very practical and hugely beneficial for both parents and the baby, but it is also a fashion statement and a lot of fun when included in your daily outfit.


I am a Certified Trageschule Baby-Wearing Consultant and a Birth and Postpartum doula trained by DONA International. My baby-wearing journey started when I had my son 2.5 years ago. Growing up in Hong Kong being carried and seeing all the babies around me being carried, I never imagined that not being the norm in other parts of the world. Then I realised that baby-wearing is not very common in Europe, so I decided to get a formal training so that I could help spread the joy of baby-wearing to parents around me. After helping lots of parents with their baby-wearing journey, I decided to put my experience with various baby-wearing products to use and to design my own brand of slings. I wanted to design something that is both comfortable and fashionable. I work with numerous new parents as a postpartum doula. I know how much of a moral boost it gives if new parents manage to get dressed properly in the morning and look good! I mentioned this idea to my best friend Helen who has vast experience in fashion industry, and LOVA sling was born. I am currently living in Dublin with my husband Jason, toddler Taran and two cats Larmlarm and Fafa. You can check out my babywearing consultancy and doula service on www.littlepeanuts.ie I am also a volunteer for Babywearing Ireland.


I am from Estonia and I met Alice over 10 years ago when we were living and working together in Paris. We have been best friends ever since. Alice introduced me to the fascinating baby-wearing world when her baby son Taran was born. Allthough I don´t have any kids myself yet, I´m a huge fan of the concept and I am sure I will do that in the future as well. My background is in fashion and marketing and I am very passionate about finding the best quality materials and creating beautiful wraps, Mei Tais and ring slings that would make parents feel comfortable while looking contemporary and beautiful.


Our team of tailors are all artisans with higher education in dressmaking with extensive experience in high end fashion. Their attention to detail makes our slings stand out from the crowd of mass production. Our aim is to provide fashionable slings with reasonable price to parents and children. We believe it's possible for parents to feel comfortable carrying their children and to be fashionable while doing it.