By public request, we have come up with a traditional version of our best selling Meh Dais. Meh Dais Traditional are as amazing as our Standard version, the only difference is it has a slimline straps which some of you preferred. We find that this design is particularly popular with fathers. Just like the Standard version, our Meh Dais are locally woven with 100% cotton Oeko-Tex Standard 100 yarn and handcrafted with love by local tailors. They are elegant and very easy to use. The fabric is very soft, yet strong and supportive. The design is adjustable. This is an ultimate Meh Dai that is soft enough for newborn yet strong enough to be 'toddler-worthy'. Our Meh Dais are made with all natural materials. We intentionally have not included any synthetic materials in the making of the sling - no plastic adjustment bits, no synthetic padding!

Meh Dais are special passion of our in-house babywearing consultant and founder - Alice, if you want to her talk about our Standard design, please check out this video