Alice has a special passion towards Meh Dai carrier (aka Mei Tai or 孭帶 in Cantonese). A native Cantonese person born in Hong Kong, she grew up in this style of carrier her self. Our Meh Dais incorporate the traditional Cantonese design with modern comfort with wrap sling strap. We are aware that some parents like the look of woven wrap but don't like the learning curve, so we want to create a Meh Dai that look like woven wrap and I think we have achieved that! Our Meh Dai is often mistaken for a woven wrap!

True to the Cantonese tradition, where Meh Dai usually have meaningful blessing embroidered into the sling, we work with our pattern designer to come up with positive symbols from traditional Estonian folk art. 

Our Meh Dais are locally woven with 100% cotton Oeko-Tex Standard 100 yarn and handcrafted with love by local tailors. They are elegant and very easy to use. The fabric is very soft, yet strong and supportive. The design is adjustable. This is an ultimate Meh Dais that are soft enough for newborn yet strong enough to be 'toddler-worthy'. Our Meh Dais are made with all natural materials. We intentionally have not included include any synthetic material in the making of the sling - no plastic adjustment bits, no synthetic padding!

Our Mei Tais have been featured by famous babywearing blog - Keep Calm and Carry Them

You can also see Alice - the in house babywearing consultant to explain our unique Mei Tai design on this video