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We are featured by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

I was giving an interview to the Estonian e-Residency Programme. I talked about the start of the LOVA story. I also talked about the challenge of starting any business in general.
We are so proud to have found out we have been featured by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs! 

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LOVA Sling Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Demo at Karina Yoga

Demo at Karina Yoga

We had a great time at the demo today at Karina Yoga

demo at karina yogademo at karina yogademo at karina yoga

Thank you so much for coming. Here below you can find more information on the points that Helen covered in today's demo in case you would like to do some more reading on the subject matter. 

1. TICKS Safety rule we talked about today:

2. Benefits of babywearing, please check out our post by Alice, our in-house babywearing consultant. 


About LOVA ring slings

About LOVA ring slings

We know we are a new brand on the market and for the past few days a lot of people have been asking me what makes LOVA Sling different from other existing brands on the market. 

Our goal was and is to create timeless pieces that can go with any outfits. Moms and Dads. Our slings can also match office clothes as you can see here:

But one thing is very important to us- they are EXTREMELY comfortable. There is no use of a beautiful sling if it is...