About LOVA ring slings

We know we are a new brand on the market and for the past few days a lot of people have been asking me what makes LOVA Sling different from other existing brands on the market. 

Our goal was and is to create timeless pieces that can go with any outfits. Moms and Dads. Our slings can also match office clothes as you can see here:

But one thing is very important to us- they are EXTREMELY comfortable. There is no use of a beautiful sling if it is not comfortable for both parents and babies. 

So, when we designed our ring sling, we worked with our skilled Estonian tailor to make sure the shoulder was comfortable. Our tailor has extensive training in high end dressmaking. We did so so so many prototypes over the past months to get the shoulder right that once it was perfect we were almost reduced to tears :) When I landed in Tallinn from Dublin, Helen was initially scared to walk over to me with the final prototype in case it was still not perfect. Gladly it was finally just right!  The result is a gathered shoulder that is not too spread, while spread enough that it gives a perfect curved shape that sits well on the shoulder, while it wouldn't slip or slide around. 

I know exactly the pain in the butt when some shoulder designs go too far along the arm or those that don't give a good curve and start digging in the neck or the tip of your shoulder and THAT is exactly what we wanted to avoid. We also made sure it is easy to thread the fabric through the rings.


I can proudly say that we believe we have nailed probably the most comfortable shoulder in the world!!!!

The weaving of the fabric is also done in Estonia with a small local factory. After many many prototypes (again!!!) and numerous FedEx parcels, we believe we have found the best possible mix. Our fabric gives a good grip while being very soft and super supportive. Its quite unique really. We can definitely compete with some of the more expensive luxurious brands out there but in a much more affordable price range. 

Of course we use rings from SlingRings to ensure your child's safety. Our shoulders have 4 rows of stitches (unlike most slings have 2 or 3 rows), again it's all about you and your child's safety and comfort. We really have gone an extra mile on every detail. :)

Our ring slings are 75cm wide, unlike most brands out there which are 60-65cm wide. Again, we go extra mile to give you generous width so you have more to work with. If you are a beginner, or if you are carrying a toddler, you know how those little extra can be helpful to you. 

My son is going through this phrase where he wants to go up and down every 5 minutes (UGH!!!) If I have to carry him in my arm, I am going to end up with sore shoulder or arms! Or I won't be able to carry much stuff with one arm constantly not be in use. My ring sling is my everyday accessory! I wear it under my coat. I can just zip up and no one would even know I carry a sling. Whenever he wants up, then I can just unzip and up he goes! 

I am honestly not biased when I say this, I genuinely believe our ring slings´ quality is worth more than the price we charge. It's a ring sling I use every day with my 2.5 year old for the creche run. If the sling didn´t have the best shoulder ever, if the weaving was not soft and supportive, you experienced mamas and papas out there know I wouldn't be able to do that! :)  Photo below for proof! 

 If you want to see our ring slings in action, check out this video!

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