How do you choose a sling? Woven wrap, ring sling and mei tai comparison

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions we get - which LOVA should I buy? 

So today, I decided once and for all to clarify this for you. 


When I was first pregnant, my husband and I really love the look of Woven Wrap. We also love the versatility of the fabric and thought it is a really good skill to have to not to rely on any gadget in carrying our child. Imagine if there is an emergency, you can just grab a piece of fabric and run with your child, no need to look for the right piece of equipment. 

Cultures around the world has been carrying children in pieces of fabric thorough the history. Such a lovely connection to know we are doing exactly like our ancestors and their ancestors. 

The weaving of the fabric is also done in Estonia with a small local factory. After many many prototypes and numerous FedEx parcels, we believe we have found the best possible mix. Our fabric gives a good grip while being very soft and super supportive. Its quite unique really. The feedback we get from our happy customers is that we are comparable to some high end brands that costs hundreds of Euro while we are in a much more affordable price range!   

What is it good for? 

It is the most versatile and the most comfortable sling. One can do many different carries with this, there is always one carry suitable to every situation, it can also be used as a scarf, picnic blanket, car blanket, etc, depending on the size, very beautiful, easy to wash, easy to store. Look at how luxurious it feels...yum!

LOVA Sling woven wrap

Challenge: steep learning curve, you might need help from a babywearing consultant, but it’s a good skill to have once you know it. I keep telling parents they can know carry their babies even during zombie attack as long as they have a towel or a random sheet handy, haha!


The first sling I use on my own baby was a Ring Sling. 

I have since tried so many different kind of Ring Sling shoulders and some are more comfortable than the others. When we were designing our Ring Sling, we aim at creating the most comfortable shoulder in the world and I think we have achieved just that!

Our tailor has extensive training in high end dressmaking. We did so so so many prototypes over a few months to get the right shoulder. The result is a gathered shoulder that is not too spread, while spread enough that it gives a perfect curved shape that sits well on the shoulder, while it wouldn't slip or slide around. 

I know exactly the pain in the butt when some shoulder designs go too far along the arm or those that don't give a good curve and start digging in the neck or the tip of your shoulder and THAT is exactly what we wanted to avoid. We also made sure it is easy to thread the fabric through the rings. 

What is it good for?

It can be used from newborn to toddlers, perfect for quick up and down, elegant, good for dressy occasions. My child is 3 year old and I am still using a Ring Sling, you can see us in action! Look! 

LOVA Sling ring sling nordic star

Challenge: not suitable for long walks due to the use of only one shoulder, not as much learning curve as woven wrap but still you need to learn how to ‘make a seat’


I have a special passion towards Meh Dai carrier (aka Mei Tai or 孭帶 in Cantonese). A native Cantonese person born in Hong Kong, I grew up in this style of carrier myself. 

When we design the LOVA Mei Tai, we want to incorporate the traditional Cantonese design with modern comfort. So I opt for a wrap sling strap during the design process. Truth to the Cantonese tradition, where Meh Dai usually have meaningful blessing embroidered into the sling, we work with our pattern designer to come up with positive symbols from traditional Estonian folk art. 

Our Meh Dais are made with all natural materials. We intentionally have not included include any synthetic material in the making of the sling - no plastic adjustment bits, no synthetic padding! We are one of the few Meh Dais in the market that truly has zero synthetic material. 

What is it good for?

It is very easy to learn, particularly good for summer months due to its airy nature, great for sharing between mom and dad as there is no adjustment, very grandparents-friendly! If you love the look of woven wrap but not skilful enough to use the woven wrap or maybe your child is not cooperative, our Meh Dai is a good way to 'cheat'! During the design process, we have taken that into consideration to make sure it LOOKS like a woven wrap job! See? You need to look super carefully to realise it's a Meh Dai!

LOVA Sling Meh Dai Nordic Star

Challenge: long tails dragging on the floor outdoor while securing a carry could be tricky with wet weather in winter.


So when it comes down to it, how do we choose which kind of sling is suitable to your family?

The answer is - it depends!

It depends on your lifestyle and what do you use your sling for.

For example, if you are like me who lives in the city, we use public transport exclusive and walk a lot, woven wrap might be a good choice for you as they are the most supportive for long walks. If you are only using the sling at home so you get your hands free to do housework, then maybe a mei tai is great for you. It is supportive, both parents can use it, you don’t have to worry about long tails and it won’t be too warm for indoor. If you have a newborn and a toddler, then Ring Sling could be good for both newborn snuggle and toddler going up and down every 5 minutes.

Still confused? Worry not! 

Good news is I am here to help you. I am the in-house babywearing consultant and I help you to choose which sling to buy. Just message me using the 'Message Us' button or send me an email. I will make sure you will get the most suitable LOVA for your family. 




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