Happy Birthday Estonia!

LOVA Sling is an Estonian company and of course we need to do a blog post to celebrate the Independence Day! 

Here is a little background from Wikipedia

The Estonian Declaration of Independence, also known as the Manifesto to the Peoples of Estonia (EstonianManifest Eestimaa rahvastele), is the founding act of the Republic of Estonia from 1918. It is celebrated on 24 February, the National Day or Estonian Independence Day.
The declaration was drafted by the Salvation Committee elected by the elders of the Estonian Provincial Assembly. Originally intended to be proclaimed on 21 February 1918, the proclamation was delayed until the evening of 23 February, when the manifesto was printed and read out aloud publicly in Pärnu. On the next day, 24 February, the manifesto was printed and distributed in the capital, Tallinn.[1][2]
So today we are going to let our hair down for a day at LOVA Sling and binge watching documentary! 

Watch this amazing movie - The Singing Revolution, if you get a chance, here is a trailer. 

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