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Featured on Mums and Tots magazine!

Taran and I are featured on Mums and Tots magazine! We talked about how we started babywearing and how babywearing is such an important part of Cantonese culture. We are so shocked we got such a big picture on the page! 

mums and tots lova sling

Amazing review from Nestwaerme

Amazing review from Nestwaerme

We got another amazing review from the great blog Nestwaerme.

Nestwaerme is a fabulous parenting blog. It's not just about babywearing, the wonderful Tamara also talks about a wide range of subject matter - breastfeeding, co-sleeping, diaper-free, pregnancy and birth. 

Not only the review on our Virtue Quadrangle Blue woven wrap being very honest (there are both positive and negative in this review), there are so much interesting in-depth feedback on our sling. We will take all your feedback into consideration in the development of our future collection....

Featured on Wrap You In Love!

We are so thrilled to be featured on Wrap You In Love! Thank you so much to the amazing Hedwych for the fabulous tutorial! 

Check it out! 


Babywearing Museum Tour - European Babywearing Week

Babywearing Museum Tour - European Babywearing Week

In celebrating the European Babywearing Week, we have organised a museum tour for babywearing parents at the Little Museum of Dublin. 

The museum

The Little Museum of Dublin tells the story of Ireland’s capital city in the 20th Century.

This new non-profit museum was formally opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Andrew Montague, in October 2011. The collection boasts over 5000 artefacts, reflecting the generosity of ordinary Dubliners, as well as many cultural institutions and local luminaries.

The social, cultural and political history of Dublin is chronicled in the Little Museum. There are simple artefacts that encourage...

Raving review from Lynsey's Babywearing Adventure!

Raving review from Lynsey's Babywearing Adventure!

We got another raving review from the fabulous Lynsey on her babywearing blog! She is a midwife and babywearing consultant. She did the ultimate ultimate test to put her 5 year old into a LOVA Sling!!! When we say we are soft and strong, we mean it! 
Check it out and follow her blog! It's fab!