LOVA Sling

LOVA Sling creates luxurious woven wraps, ring slings and Meh Dais that are both contemporary and fashionable, but timeless at the same time. All our products have been made in Estonia from the finest of materials and handcrafted with love by our local tailors with experience in high-end fashion industry. We believe that baby-wearing is not only very practical and hugely beneficial for both parents and the baby, but it is also a fashion statement and a lot of fun when included in your daily outfit.

"Having a babywearing consultant design a carrier really does make a difference!  " - Chelsea Wybrow, Keep Calm and Carry Them

"My new LOVA Mei Tai is just fabulous! I love that it looks really good and matches with most of my outfits. The quality and texture of the fabric is very unique, it is surprisingly soft and yet very supportive. I love it." 
- Katri Kiirats

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